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Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China

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+91 9620204967
Lunch: 1pm - 2pm
Fri-Sat: 10am - 7pm

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Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

2016 MBBS admission still open for Jiangxi University of Tcm
International Education College, formerly the Department of International Exchange, was founded in February 2002. It shoulders such responsibilities as the enrollment, education and management of international students and students from Hong Kong, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Tanzania, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Taiwan and Macao etc.; Sino-Foreign Cooperation in Running Schools and English training; recruitment and management of foreign experts and other foreign affairs. These responsibilities are respectively carried out by three departments, namely College Office, Department of Teaching Affairs and Department of International Students.
ü  Recognized by World Health Organization (WHO)
ü  Recognized by America Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG)
ü  Largest Laboratory in China
ü  High Cultural Exchange between over 600 students.
ü  High Quality Teaching by Teachers from India, USA, China, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nepal.
ü  More than 80% of International Students pass Local Licensing Examination at one sitting.
ü  Recognized by PMDC, MCI, USMLE, HPCSA, SCHS ETC
Offered Programs (English Medium)
ü  General Medicine & Surgery (MBBS) Duration 5.5 Years
Applicant’s Eligibility
Credit in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English & Mathematics
Age: 16-25 Years
Application Fee: 200$
Detailed Step by Step Application Procedure
v Fill in the Application Form
v Scanned copy of international passport data page
v Scanned Copies of High School result.
v Attach No. 1,2,3 together to form application file
v Application will be processed and evaluated by the admissions department.
v After acceptance, admission confirmation notice will be sent to you via email.
v Visa documents are prepared within 15 days
v After preparation of visa documents, students are expected to visit the embassy for visa application.
Tuition Fee
Total First Year Fee: $5200
Includes: Tuition, Accommodation, Insurance, Medicals, Resident permit, Stethoscope, Bedding, Student Id card, International student development levy.
From second year: $3600
Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Visa Information
Once admitted, you will receive the university’s letter of admission and JW202 form. The applicant can apply for X visa at Chinese Embassy or Consulate General in your home country.
When applying for your visa, please remember to take along with you your valid passport, the original copy of the university’s admission notification and a Visa Application Form for Foreign Students Studying in China (also known as the JW201/JW202 form). Do make sure that your letter of admission and your JW202 form is handed back to you together with your passport after obtaining your Chinese visa. You will need these documents to apply for your Residence Permit after your arrival at the university.
International Students who will be studying in China for more than 6 months are required to obtain a Student Visa, also termed as ‘X’ Visa.
Important: The Student Visa/ ‘X’ Visa will only be valid for 30 days after your arrival. You must apply for a Residence Permit within these 30 days in order to obtain a legal status in China at Nanchang Municipal Public Security Bureau.
You are not encouraged to arrive in China when your have less than 10 days remaning on your visa. Furthermore, you are not eligible to apply for a Residence Permit until you are a registered student of Jiangxi University of Tcm, namely before the day of registration.


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